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Monday, October 31, 2005

SBB store is UP!! BIG BIG SALE!!!

Hooray!! So to celebrate our big reopening I am having a HUGE sale on EVERYTHING of mine in the store. So stop on by and shop shop shop. It's a perfect opportunity to pick up loads of stuff cheap cheap!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Blog Name

Well shucks. Here it was 2 AM or so and I was making blog headers, trying to change this up. So being that I couldn't come up with any insightful or witty name I just put Just Kim's Blog. So today I was reading a few blogs and low and behold I didn't realize that Miss Kim's Blog is called Just Miss Kim LOL. OH crud. Whell I guess I need to change it. I have been to her blog a number of times and I guess somewhere in my subconscious I did. Lame. I hate naming things. Naming dogs, children, prices, kits, and now blogs. What says that I really don't have much to say? LOL Hmmm maybe I'll call it It's Just a Blog. Becuase God knows I take everything so darn seriously and fret more than I should about how lame this blog is. Okay so tentatively it's called It's Just A Blog.


Well the blog has been overhauled. Feels a little more like Fall. It's after 2 AM so I just don't feel like working on the font or font color. Eh, tomorrow. But I spent the night setting up another blog that just has my kits on it. I put the settings so that you can click and see my kits full size so you can see textures and element quality. While that feels somewhat scary to me for some reason, I know I have always wanted that with other's kits. I think that in many ways if we could all look that close, we would love some designers more and some popular designers would be less popular. But whatever. I have nothing to hide LOL. And it was fun to go through all my kits again. There are some I just love. I really am glad that I feel that way about my stuff. Why do it if you don't I guess. I need to post some of my new layouts tomorrow. I haven't posted any in so long and I have done a lot since then.

Man I need to go to bed. I'm beat. Enjoy the new colors.

SBB is on it's way

Oh wow the front page of SBB is up!!! I don't know how much longer I can wait. I am going through some serious withdrawls. Really. Thanks Miss AmyDoodle for everything you do for us all!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

James Frey on Oprah!!!

James Frey is gonna be on Oprah WEDNESDAY!! I literally am counting the minutes. I am so excited. I need to feed the addiction. The addiction to the book, to this man, his life, his words. Even now I want to read the book again, stay up all night again, laugh again and sob again. Anyone who knows anyone touched by addiction should read A Million Little Pieces. Anyone curious about addiction shoukd read it. Addicts should read it. Everyone, unless bad language will really really really freak you out, should read this book. WATCH OPRAH and meet this man and maybe you will be a convert. I am so darn excited I can hardly stand it. Scroll down a few posts and read about the book and there is a link for it. 968 minutes until OPRAH!!!

A COOL thing

I was reading in Michelle's blog scrapability - which I just LOVE. I have spent all my free time lately reading through the scrap rants archives. Despite the fact that I have read many of these entries already, I still find them so interesting. Especially the farther back you go. It's fun for me to be able to look into the history of digiscrapping. I don't know yet of another blog that so accurately documents the trends, problems, sites, and just general happenings from the history of digiscrapping. And I truly appreciate that not being a designer, she feels the great freedom to discuss the issues. To discuss them as they should be discussed, without fear that it will stir the pot we as designers are swimming in.

Anyways, there was a thread in which she pointed to a thread at 2peas, which in turn pointed me to a neat site. I don't use PSE but many do and often there are those questions that users have that are answered - they only have that in PS or PS CS. ARGH I can imagine how frustrating that might be. So there is this site. The creator/s has made some great actions that mimick PS capabilities, one great one being Curves. Check that out here I hope that more people do this type of thing to fill some of those gaps for those that truly can't afford PS.

Thanks Miss Michelle. Though I have been up til 3 or 4 reading the archives the last few nights. :) I love your rants as do we all.

Brr Winter Kit

Well here is another one on the list of papers I have that needed elements. Truly I can't wait to scrap with this one. I love wooden elements. And I just happen to love the richness in the papers. Okay I feel silly saying nice things about my own kit LOL but I really like this one LOL.

Fireside Kit

Here is a new kit I have coming out. I haven't been putting any new stuff up here for a while. For a couple reasons really. Firstly, I had a huge creative block - come to find out that there were TONS of designers having a block at the same time - weird. And the secind the mojo came back I started a big project. More about that later. So anyways this is the first kit done. I have enough paper done to supply the army (HA the thought of a bunch of soldiers scrapping. yummy) And I now am working on elements. For some reason I just loved this kit. I loved making the papers, I love my elements. And I LOVE stick pins!! Hmm maybe I should post soon about my project.

I have the blog set up so you can click and see full size previews. So if you click on the kit you can get a good, close look at my work.

Monday, October 24, 2005

I have been chosen for the first time to be scraplifted!!! I am so excited! My friend, Kathy Moore, from digiscrapdivas told me last night she was scraplifting me. Hooray! What an honor. Thanks Miss Kathy for my big smile. I can't wait to see what you guys do.

Friday, October 21, 2005

An Amazing Read!

Oh this book. this book.

Sigh. Where to start with this book. Where to start. I have never read an Oprah book and really never felt sucked in by her whole book club thing. But when she switched from classics to a gritty book about addiction and recovery I just had this feeling I had to read it. There are things I have yet to blog about or scrap. I don't know if I am ready yet. But we have had addiction close to our life in this last year. And not mild addiction but the kind that shatters your life and rips your heart out. Well my good Mom came home with the book for me. I was a bit nervous as I started the book. It begins with him waking up on an airplane with his face smashed and no idea how he got there or where he was going. He goes from there to rehab where Frey recounts his experiences there. His writing style is so different that at first you think of putting the book down. But the more you read it, the more his style becomes addicting and fluid. As someone who tries to never swear anymore, his honest use of some harsh language, MF and F words, etc. was hard at first, but the brutal honesty of this man let me move past it and enjoy his words and feel. I laughed out loud. I cried. I was torn inside and gained insight into both hardcore addiction and recovery in a way that I personally really really needed. This man and his experience was so familiar it could have been written by my husband. Aside from the language, I think that everyone should read this book. Not once is addiction glorified in the way that drug use so often is. An addict isn't concerned about the great "high" of drugs but the addiction. Feeding it. Fueling it. Frey explains this in a way that well both moved me and made me sick at the same time. Even being halfway through the book I would never guess that I would just LOVE this book the way I feel I do. It kept me up at night. Almost until morning every night until it was done. When it was done in tears I wasn't sure what I would do now without it to read. That is a good book. I ran off and got the next book My Friend Leonard. I don't begin to think I have done this book any justice whatsoever but...

To blog or not to blog

Boy I just don't think I will ever be a good blogger. I don't feel like a real blogger at all. Part of me just thinks I dont' have anything to say that people will care about. So I just put it off and don't write anything. I suppose that's what blogs are about though just writing about anything and if people care they do if not whatever. Right here I am making a commitment to just use this as a blog. Not just getting around to it whenever I put new designs out. Maybe one day I will move to typepad where i can manage things a bit better too. Really being honest though I think it is a self esteem issue above all though. I have blogs I frequent and I think that I am just so intimidated by these strong, vibrant, intellectual, interesting women. Being in a place where I am struggling with depression and feel the opposite of all those things well.. i dunno. Maybe it's just part of the whole depression issue to just look at everything so negatively. So screw it. I am gonna start using this thing whether people read it or not. A question I have though is I wonder whether I should use my other blog for my actual "blogging" and keep my scrapbooking stuff here or jsut combine them both or what. I think I am leaning towards seperating them. Having a blog and a scrapblog. But then part of me thinks that I just don't know how to seperate them. I eat, sleep and drink scrapping I think. Well boy I am a rambler LOL. Maybe I will start here and see what happens. So let's end this and go find a good pic of the book I read for the next post.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Went and saw the movie Serenity. It is made by the creator of Buffy and Angel. I know I might be just a sci-fi nerd, nut it rocked. Now I don't know if any of you watched the one season wonder Firefly on Fox. Well Fox screwed up. They didn't even show the last 2 episodes of it before it was gone. So after a lot of convincing they released the whole season on DVD and it broke Fox studio records. Thankfully as a result they agreed to let the makers of Firefly make a movie. And that movie is Serenity. It's kind of like Star Wars if it had been about Hans Solo instead of about Luke. You can watch the first 9 minutes of the movie here. Endearing characters, great action, and a girl who kick butt more than any other girl I have ever seen in ANY movie. Really she rocked my world. You could pay me millions of dollars and give me a year to train and I NEVER would be able to pull off the things that girl did.

Here she is. Lookin like she is gonna go buck wild. It was just a good action movie. It deserves a sequel or another season. Go see it tomorrow!!! This weekend determines whether or not they do a sequel or season. It has gotten amazing reviews for an unknown show and has done amazing on yahoo movies. So go see it. Please? LOL. I want another season or sequel. Even if just for me? What a sci-fi geek I am. And darn proud of it LOL LOL. Boo hoo where are the ScreenSavers? *cry*

Friday, October 07, 2005

Getting published. i don't know that I ever cared before. And part of me says that I shouldn't care, that these are just my family's memories and leaving it at that should be enough. In one way it is enough. I am amazed that from March of this year I went from barely caring about the pictures I took of my family to having these amazing treasures for my family that not only record moments in time, but give them an insight into ME. Into the inner workings of me, my creativity, my heart, my thoughts, ME.

Then there is that part that has been eating up the process. That has gone from never touching PSP let alone PS in March or ever having scrapped a page to being totally addicted, almost to a fault. I love the process. And the feeling when I saw the email from Scrapbook Trends - there are few things lately, getting the invite from SBB to be on the DT, Amy saying "I'd like to invite you to sell in the store", and this. That feeling of adrenaline, your stomach turning, a huge smile and longing to tell someone. Fun. I guess that's what it feels like... fun. Something that is mine, and fun. Who would have thought I could find something like that? I love crocheting and did that lots, but it wasn't fun in the sense that I longed to do it. Okay enough rambling.

So I have been learning about submitting. Right now I am finishing a layout I did to submit for the Becky Higgens sketch call they have each month at CK. And yunno I love this one. I think for the first time I might be let down if it's rejected. but man that's a tough call to get published for so I know chances are good I will. But ABOVE ALL ELSE I am amazed at how the process has helped my scrapping.

I have tweaked this layout all day. I often wondered why it took Amy so long to finish a layout, yet I was amazed at her layouts - beyond stunning. yet here I am having spent just hours and hours and hours on this layout and still I was tweaking it just again. And after all that I am left with a layout that feels so far above some of my other recent layouts.

I was feeling too intimidated to really go for the Hall of Fame until today. I kept saying I was gonna do it, but I knew deep down that I never really would. But after today I sat looking at my new CK and was reading again the guidelines for the HOF and was amazed at how I started to piece together some layouts in my head. And that the first one I had a realization about was the journaling one. The hardest one for me. I think that myself, and anyone who tries to go through the HOF process will come out of it a much better scrapper. I can't wait almost. Now to get some money and buy some great stuff to start using. Anyone want to donate to the Kim HOF fund? LOL Happy scrapping!!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Tootie Toot Toot

Well I posted this once through hello, but it had an error and it didn't post. Well I got THE email. My first publication request from Scrapbook Trends magazine!!! You wouldn't believe how silly stupid I was the day I found out. And it has been so much fun watching all the digi girls toot about this call. I wish more mags did digi calls because it is FUN! I was talking to a friend that paper scraps and sells CM stuff, etc and she didn't even realize that there were digi layouts in the mags. Would be fun to have more digi exposure besides random layouts. On the other hand, I think it is great that digi scrappers are being given the same consideration and treated the same, so who knows what I am talking about LOL. Well anyways, big pat on the back for me, and Amy as well the hardworking owner of SBB.

Digital Memories mag

This is a new digital mag I heard about for the first time today. Of course the creative team submission just finished, oh well. It looks interesting and I think we need good digimags out there so I hope that this really is what it hopes to be. The only problem I have is that I HATE is that they want you to only submit layouts that have NEVER been in an online gallery. I just hate that. But so here is another addition to the digimag world that is so lacking. You can find their site here at digimemoriesmag

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Oh my hello

"For now, Hello supports chat on a one-to-one basis, with each of your friends having his or her own chat window. We�re currently working on supporting multi-user chat rooms for a future version of Hello, so be sure to check for updates!"

Okay so that's from the hello site. Oy to be able to have multi user hello! Will we ever get anything done? Maybe considering then maybe we won't be toggling back and forth as much between friends in hello. But I am afraid that won't be the case :) I swear they will have a huge scrapbooking flock to DL the update when it's up that we will probably crash the server.
Hope it's soon