Saturday, April 01, 2006

Too Late Again

I think I start this waaay to late. I need to start getting up early in the morning and blogging while I'm fresh and awake lol. I have some kit previews to show and a few ramblings. Once again I am in a why do I keep blogging mentality. Since I started posting my 21 day challenge layouts and commentary, the number of readers everyday has gone down about 100. It is a very interesting thing to me. In many ways for a long time I kept the bulk of any religious thought I had off this blog. And even now still I keep my thoughts on being a wife, and child training off this blog. I don't have an exciting life. I never will. I think I like reading a lot of blogs because their lives are so glamorous. I don't have fun cute things to show, I don't shop and find neat things at the store. My hair stays the same all the time, long and straight. My house is messy and I struggle heavily with depression. I want to stop watching tv. My life is not glamorous in any way, shape, or form. And if when I stop rambling about the surface stuff in my life, and get to the hard part of life, a lot of people stop finding it interesting, why do I do this? I have decided that I am not going to stop blogging, but I am am going to stop trying to be fun when I want to cry, be interesting when I am trying to just simply get through my mundane day with clean dishes. If listening to my feeble attempts at learning to get organized, or why isn't my bread rising properly, or how to lose 75 lbs, or working through a deep depression bores you.. now is the time to step off. I don't mean that in a mean way. I just am not the fun, exciting person I wish I was to have a popular blog in this community. I make my own homemade laundry soap and bread. I go to the store once or twice a month. I sit at home and scrap and design and teach my children and try to love my husband the way he deserves. Maybe this is the part of me that feels deep in a hole that rambles on like this. But I can't care anymore. I have to be me and that's the end of it.

LIGHTER NOTE! Here are a couple kit previews. I went through my In Progress folder and there are 6 paper packs that need elements. Some are a couple months old Wow! These two that are finished and ready ( well my ribbon the the Cherry Blossoms preview is messed up and I need to rescan a ribbon ) are like polar opposites style wise! The True Dat kit is a new one. The Cherry Blossoms paper and elements have both been done for months. I was in such a muted grungier elementy place back then. I am in a stampy stitchy mood these days. These will be out in the next couple days. I am working on trying to get some more unisex type kits out like this True Dat and I have another Warm Kit that will be done in a day or two as well. I am glad to be having a few first of the month kits come out.

Rained really hard today and lightening fried my mom's stove/oven. SO we get to go buy a new rockin one tomorrow yay!! My Mom's poor dog was abused and she freaks out when there's thunder. Poor girl runs around and whines and freaks out. When the stove broke it started making this loud squealing sound and I thought poor Holly would have an embelism. She lost it. Running around like a crazy dog whining barking the whole bit. Will it EVER stop raining and being icky here?! I need Clay to dig out my garden so I can get ready to plant. It's April!!! In CA!!! It's been raining for months now. I need dry weather for a few weeks.

Okay well I have a long morning tomorrow and need sleep and quiet time. I will talk about laundry soap here in he next day or so. It is SO cheap and the same stuff as a good natural laundry soap that costs you a whole whole lot. I started making it when my baby doll had horrible eczema and it saved me so much money and was super gentle on his skin! Okay enough for that.

Good Night and Good Luck.


Blogger My Life and My Loves said...

kim - wow you are up late. i'm already up on the east coast and had just checked your blog and this entry wasn't there. next.

i really like your new way of blogging. i'm a christian and struggle with some of the same issues that you do. it makes me feel like i'm not the only one in the crowd. and to boot, your a great scrapper/designer! keep it coming girl - i read every entry. i'm doing the same thing on my blog, too. boy, have a recvd a few intersting emails. blessings and hugs to you. lauren

1:19 AM  
Blogger My Life and My Loves said...

i forgot to tell you that i really like your new stuff! woo hoo!

1:20 AM  
Blogger Sinead said...

Gorgeous new stuff, Kim. I love both of those kits!

I love to hear what you're thinking, too, so I'm glad that you're not going to stop. I'm really interested in the laundry powder idea, too...

6:24 AM  
Blogger Melissa Ives said...

I like your blog. I was diagnosed with depression when I was 16 so I know what it's like. My house isn't the cleanest either.

I like your new designs too especially True Dat. Those colors are gorgeous!

7:02 AM  
Anonymous ShannonS. said...

Kim, as a fellow Christian homeschool mom who stays home most days to clean, teach, and scrap; I really enjoy your blog style! As Lauren said, it's nice to hear from someone else facing the same struggles.

Oh, and I love your new stuff, especially Cherry Blossoms! Beautiful.

Thanks for sharing so much of yourself with us! Blessings,

7:07 AM  
Anonymous Jen Caputo said...

wow Kim the True Dat kit is incredible! I love those tabbed clips - what an original idea - just beautiful!

7:12 AM  
Anonymous MaryC said...

I understand what your going through, it's nice to know that I'm not the only one that has these feelings too.

Thanks for sharing.

7:36 AM  
Blogger Shawna Taylor said...

I absolutely love the Cherry Blossoms kit!

And Kim this is your blog, you are free to talk about whatever you want on here! I love to come read your blog because your life is so different from mine! Not better not worse, just different! And I like to read about different experiences people have. My life is certainly not glamorous either. I'm a working mom of two girls, my house is always messy, I spend way too much time on the computer, I watch too much TV & the list goes on & on! So you keep on blogging! I'm sure there are plenty of us that will still be your faithful readers!

7:38 AM  
Blogger Julie Jewels said...

Keep on bloggin' Kim! This is your space, say what you want and the people who want to read will. Don't worry about it! I for one enjoy your ramblings! And I love your designs! The Cherry Blossoms is gorgeous!!

8:32 AM  
Blogger Sonya Johnston said...

Kim - you know I love you and I don't care what you blog about. :) I just want it to mean something to you. And I for one would much rather hear about the 'real' stuff in one's life than all the fluff typically posted on these boards anyway. {{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}


9:03 AM  
Anonymous Gina said...

Keep on Bloggin' Kim!

What on Earth?! Are you turning Jen Wilson on me?? ;) You just put out all of these new kits last week and now MORE?! Awesome!!! I can use both- something for Andy and something for Emmie!

10:22 AM  
Blogger Margie said...

Kim-don't stop blogging!! It's NOT a popularity contest-if it were then most of us wouldn't be blogging!!! I am blessed when I read what you write and I see your creations! There is true meaning in them and that is what matters-people always say that if your life or your story can make a difference in one person's life, then it's worth it. Sometimes the one person is ourselves and that's good enough. Don't change what you write for any reason-we come to read it because we enjoy it!!!

10:55 AM  
Blogger Carrie said...

You are one of the few blogs I do check regularly. I don't leave many comments since I don't really know you. I think, and I believe I have said this once before, that one of the reasons I like your blog is that you ARE normal. I can't afford $200 shopping sprees every few days. I'm not a gorgeous size 4. I don't have a glamorous life. I would be interested in the laundry detergent recipe. If others have issues with that being not up to their standards, let them go. You don't need to worry about them. You do great work (I'm saving for several kits, but I don't have the money right now). I love the ones you just posted. Such talent! Wow.
OK - this is a long enough comment. Sorry to ramble.

11:27 AM  
Blogger Lu said...

you know what, don't compromise who you are just to get people to read your blog. do this for you, not them. secondly, this challenge stuff is about you and if you want to talk about religion do it. I mention God all the time on my blog and it may cost readers, but I don't blog for them.

I love the new kits and hang tough, Kim.

11:40 AM  
Blogger nevache said...

Hey Kim... don't be glamorous...just be you!...most of the days that's moere than enough to handle :-)) my experience


11:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kim! Please don't stop blogging! Do you have any idea how God is using you to bless and encourage sooooo many people????? Everyone needs to do what God tells them to do- which is different for everyone. :) God made us all exactly the way HE wanted to- I'm so glad that He likes variety- because it would get pretty old if everyone had the same exact story to tell on their blog every day- LOL! You just keep on keepin' on- like you said- and keep listening to God. :) Look to HIM for your strength- not your blogger hit numbers- LOL! (((((hugs))))) Fabulous designs there too!!!! What a gift you have!

Laurie G

6:53 PM  
Anonymous Amber said...

Kim, thanks for being honest! :):) I just felt like I wanted to tell you that I have read your challenge entries and have felt truly inspired. I am starting today. So thanks!! :) Amber

6:59 PM  
Blogger Trisha said...

Love the new kits Kim! I feel the same way about my blog most days. It's mine though and I'll bore everyone if I want to. I personally like hearing about everyone's day and how the kids are and if they are sick. I especially am interested in that laundry soap! Thanks for Sharing and your not alone!

9:20 PM  
Blogger Sarah96 said...

Kim keep doing what you want to do - it's your blog - what's on your mind! My blog is certainly not all excitement either, but it is who I am and what I'm doing, and it's for me as your blog is FOR YOU. This whole blogging has gotten so popular lately and seems to be really taking a turn in it's purpose, but it should be for you, not about popularity. Keep your head up and keep being you.

LOOOOVE your new kits - you always come up with such great desgins and colors and I really admire your talent.

2:16 PM  
Blogger Christie said...

Awwww.... as someone who was recently diagnosed with depression, I know what you are going through. But you know what? You really don't need to be glamorous for people to like you -- besides, most the the "glamorous" people are complete fakes with underlying problems anyway. Keep your head up hun! HUGS!

10:08 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

I know its ben said a lot already, but it is your blog, so you write about whats important to YOU, YOUR thoughts, feelings and problems. If people dont want to read about "unglamorous" lives then thats their fault!!! I love reading your blog, both the boring and the not so boring. *hugs* Take care and do things how YOU feel you want them done.

Your new kits rock, well and truely!!! Awesome work as usual!

8:45 PM  
Blogger Keela said...

Girl...I about fell off the couch! I can't WAIT for that first kit...I didn't even look to see what it was called. LOL! and me both. Boring, slob, depressed (although I take meds - LOL!) and overweight...oh and no life. Chin up though...cause you're leading or trying to lead the life that GOD has intended for YOU. I agree...write what you want! HUGS!

10:56 PM  
Anonymous Tchualessn said...


I will HAVE to purchase your Cherry Blossom kit...I am in Japan and the CHerry Blossoms are starting to bloom...I have been searching high and low for a nice cherry blossom kit...nothing has caught my eye....until I saw this...

Oh gosh...I cant wait to buy it...

10:58 PM  
Anonymous lv361 said...

Kim, I'm so glad you've had so many people tell you to keep on, keepin on!!! You are real & what you say has blessed me in many ways! I love checking your blog and seeing that there are new entries for me to read :) Don't stop blogging, cause I love reading what you have to say as well as checking out your new products, which by the way I LOVE!


8:48 PM  

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