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Friday, September 30, 2005

New Kits 9-29

These are the new kits that went in this week. These are some of my all time favorites of mine. Funny how each batch I like them more and more. I hope it really continues like that.

This is the Je T'adore Kit. I just love this one. I could have kept making elements for it and never stopped. But something about it just makes me long to scrap and that's what a kit should do. You can buy that kit Here: Je t'adore Page Kit

This Breakfast Nook kit is another one that makes me want to scrap. So rich and "yummy" as Amy called it. You can buy the kit here: Breakfast Nook Page Kit

This is one of those paper packs that the thumbnail just does it such an injustice!! Most of the papers have a nice cardstock texture, and slight sanding and patterns that just don't show up on a tiny thumbnail. Why oh why don't I live somewhere where the leaves change colors anymore? I long for great "children in leaves" picture. And there are 14, count them 14, papers in it! You can buy the paper pack here: Fall Textures Big Pack

This was a paper pack that was so different for me and fun. I used loads of brush work to create gret grungy brushed artsy boy papers. I love love these and have been searching for the right pictures to scrap with it. And I threw in a red painted chipboard alpha for kicks. You can buy the paper pack here: Work Hard Play Hard Paper Pack

Butterfly Mini Kits

Here are a couple butterfly mini kits that went in the store this week. Boy it's late. I should've done this all earlier while I wasn't too tired to really write stuff about these kits. You can buy this pink butterfly kit here: Flutterbys Lil' Kit

You can buy this butterfly kit with such gorgeous blues here: More Flutterbys Lil' Kit

Alpha Brushes

This week I put 4 sets of alpha brushes. Each set has both an ABR brush set as well as the pngs if you're program is not compatible with PS CS.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Well went to church today. Hadn't been in a while since things got all crazy in our lives. One would think that things at the crazy level they were at would make me draw closer to God, but hmm... well.. Anyways so we went to church for the first time in a long time. When Frankie and Cassie were little (er) they went every week and we never had any problems. But Adric, being only what, 20 months now, had hardly ever gone. And none that he had to sit still for. Oy. It could have been way way worse. But I can't be the only mother that thinks her children are WAY louder than they probably really are. Every peep seemed like it was on loud speaker. I must have seemed pretty stressed out as I had people tell me that he was fine and that he didn't bother anyone, yada yada yet how would they even have looked back to see my stress if he wasn't bothering anyone? :) But at least this church is super informal and they have lots of parents that don't send their children to Sunday School so we weren't the only ones with our children with us like when we go to bigger churches. And then we came home, all 5 of us piled in the bed and took a big long nap. Well could have been longer, but a short nap is better than no nap! And the baby always sleeps way longer when he's with me. And why do children have to have such great memories? A simple, "I'll make waffles for dinner" cannot go by unnoticed or forgotten. So I awoke from my nap to have to make waffles. But my mom had bought that canned whipped cream so at least I could give myself a squirt every time I felt the sting of REALLY not wanting to be making them and then went on to eat too many waffles and too many pieces of bacon and sabotages all the working out I have been doing. But oh well. At least the waffles were heart shaped and it made Cassie happy. And to feed Frankie's obsession, Clay got a copy of Crash Bandicoot for the computer - Frankie's favorite game. At least I have something really powerful to threaten him with and take away as punishment. because boy does that boy love him some Crash bandicoot. ramble ramble.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Dani and I were discussing how herdy we were the other night. Fun to have someone else that gets excited about hearing about the old Screensavers guys doing online radios shows and hacker underground tv shows :) So I found this on Amy's blog from like months ago and took the nerd test and got a much higher score than I thought I would. Hmm.. have to have hubby take one and see how nerdy he is. For a redneck he's probably pretty nerdy.

I am nerdier than 72% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

Proud to be quasi nerdy.


Oh Amy mentioned this on her blog and could I be drooling anymore than I am? I am so the person that LOVES to flip through scrap mags over and over until they fall apart. Boy I alone must be keeping these companies afloat since I don't have subscriptions but buy the mags each month. Waiting for Christmas! But I have heard and heard about THE book. And here it is! Looks great and I might have to splurge just this once. ARGH or do I want the worn comforts CD? So many cool things so little money. Time will tell what I splurge on. I am THE worst decision maker ever so... But you can preorder this Here for $19.99. Oh boy another thing I want. But I love looking at digital LOs. I can't be the only one thay flips through the mags searching for the digilayouts first.

New banner and kits

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I am working on a banner to put in the store and am testing it here so I can really see it. I have finished some kits that will be going up in the store Friday this week. Scroll down as there are what 7 kits I think.

Firstly is the Let Yourself kit - well paper pack and elements. I am liking more with certain types of paper getting the option of only buying the paper if you are not an element scrapper. So some kits will be as kits and some as seperates. I keep the price the same. I know some argue that taken apart the kits cost more, but for most I don't think that's so. Look at Jen Wilson's totally rocking stuff that is $3 for a paper pack and what $2.95 for elements - even some on sale for $2!

SO here's the Let Yourself Paper and Elements.

I really enjoyed making this one for some reason and went a tad overboard on ribbon, but hey I love ribbons, so...

This is the Funky Few collection and was a blast to make! I think they will make for some fun LOs. Boy and how I wish I could have just recolored these instead of having to do them all by hand, but as many know that isn't as successful as it seems.

This kit is one I made a ways back from a snowboard backpack I saw. I wanted to do something while great for young boys was geared for teenage boys. Aren't they hard to scrap sometimes? This kit would be great for a great black and white, or great pics of your young skate or snowboarder.

Lastly, this is also a kit I had waiting and it is definitely a different style for me.

Hurricane KATRINA KIT by SBB's Design Team

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The SBB design team was eager to do something to help in the wake of hurricane Katrina. Our talented designers pulled together and came up with this fabulous kit. Over 50 papers, 5 alphas, tons of word art, charms, eyelets, overlays, stickers, charms, bottle caps, ribbons, corners, tags,photo prongs, and stitching make up this HUGE kit. FILESIZE IS 256 MEG.

We hope you will enjoy this element packed kit, and we thank you for your contribution, of which 100 percent will be given to the American Red Cross.

YOu can buy this kit HERE!!

Maybe tomorrow I will be able to talk about the devastation that has happened. I have shed so many tears I keep putting it off.

Please support the Red Cross any way you can!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Thanks Anne and Dani and all

I was chatting with Sweet Dani whose blog is Dani's Scraps and she told me that Anne mentioned me at ONE DIGITAL! With a preview to one of my paper packs. Check out one digital at One Digital Really I A,can't believe anyone is checking out my blog, and B, that someone would actually do something like that!! Thanks gusy I am so overwhelmed and happy. You made my night guys!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

So Clay named this for me. This is now the Casablanca kit! He hit it dead on for me. It so makes me think of the 40s. Thanks honey. Especially since my hubby is in the "don't care ONE bit about scrapping" club.

The day has come!

Well I can't believe I haven't put this here but superwoman Amy invited me to be in the SBB store! I can't believe it. Truly I am so excited like a child. I really feel like Cinderella or something stupid like that. I really still feel like this struggling newbie going to the chats and not knowing what to do. Since the beginning SBB has been my home and I always had that little girl dream to be one of the designers at SBB that I had put up on a pedestal. It's funny how these normal people, ladies who get up and go to work everyday, or stay home raising up littles, we make into these "celebrities" or icons just cuz they do something we cant't. YOu know what's funny? I am gonna be going in the store and still feel that way about certain designers. LOL. I don't know that I will ever feel like I belong in that group LOL.

Also! i just saw that another designer I don't even know had my blog linked in her blog links. How cool! Man it means I need to actually blog now that more than 2 people look here now and then. Maybe around 10 people, but 10 is better than none.

So 2 cool things that have made me happy today. And the first time I see my stuff up at the store I swear I will be ecstatic! Okay feel free to laugh at me when I do the happy dance like my 4yo :)
Here's another Placesetting Preview. Hmm I didn't put Placesetting on the Preview. Darn. I love the itty bitty dot papers on this one. And the diamonds. Just a soft soft kit.

Country Class Paper Pack

Another Paper pack. I have even more I haven't done previews for. I should have just put them all in a cd considering I have made more paper than anything else. Oh well. Maybe when I get A LOT faster at making them. Kudos to Dawn and Jen the master paper makers!!!

In Deep Water Paper Pack

This is the first of some playing I am doing with distressing. This is a more grungy paper pack then most of mine, but I loved it in the end. Keep your eye out for some more grungy papers in the future as I have really been loving playing with brushes and dodge and burning so...

First Brunch Paper

Here's another kind of muddy color paper pack from the Placesetting collection. I can't wait to take a good Black and White photo to scrap with this kit.

Blogs, feelings, etc. etc.

I am really cut out to blog? I have a hard time keeping up with posting. And of course in true Kim fashion, I look at other people's blogs and just feel inferior. ARgh. You'd think I would have left that "not one of the cool kids" feeling back in high school. I guess self esteem doesn't just come with age. Despite loving designing, getting in the store, scrapping pages I actually like and being in the SBB design team, I am amazed that things feel just the same as ever. Being the one in the room who would just not talk to anyone I still feel that way in the virtual world. How bizarre. Oh how self esteem issues creep into everything in your life. I am determined to change it though. Determined to take this life by the horns and change it. Lose weight, get the house, marraige and children in order, and get over myself. Get over this fascination with feeling inferior. What a crock. I know that in theory these feelings of inferiority are just of my own making, so why do they seem real? Argh. At least I have found something in scrapping that I really love to do. something I feel good at. Sometimes I just need to stay away from the gorgeous galleries of my idols. And away from looking at other desingers too. Boy there are some really talented people! Hmm.... I can't be the only one who sometimes has a hard time just being happy for someone else am I? It just pains me to feel jealousy of any kind. Makes me just turn to God in shame yet I still find myself jealous in little ways. My best friend just moved where I had to move from and life is fabulous there. He even met someone and is getting married. And I just felt despicable to feel jealous instead of just happy. I mean I am happy for him but why and how can I be this way? Surely others have this problem sometimes as well. i assure you I am not a horrible person despite how it looks. LOL. Just someone who feels pain more than I should at the moment. Someone tell me to just get over myself. :)