Tuesday, March 28, 2006


A quick little entry to throw out this layout I did of my sweet hubby the other day. He's so handsome and funny! He rearranged the computer room/school room/ toy room/breakfast room for me last night. It is such a small room and I need to fit, the computer desk, the kitchen table against the bar, all the toys except the little kitchen, the treadmill, and all our school stuff. and I wonder why for so long this room has been a disaster. But really it was SO inefficient. I didn't have enough room for everything so we just piled stuff places and when littles needed something they put it on the floor and day after day it was just a crazy room. So Clay brought me a cabinet from work, took out this weird table, moved in the treadmill so it will actually start being used, turned the table, and more. The room just feels HUGE now! There is floor space when the little can both play and sit while I teach them schtuff. lol. So.. back to my layout. That guy was so sweet to help me rearrange the room. Such a simple layout but I love it. Feels very 3D to me. I love that these days.

Black Paper is Jen Wilson's Blue is Mine, OH is Gina Miller's (got for my Birthday!!) and The Man is Dani B's. Used AtomicCupcake's foam action.

Anyways So the morning begins. I still haven't eaten, am boiling the water for my eggs, and will stop to eat. Did eat 3 bites of cake though lol. So the things to do today.
- Finish Cleaning the new room
- Laundry, laundry, laundry
- Vacuum all the rooms since Cain is shedding so bad
- Clean the bathrooms
- Clean the Kitchen
- Do Handwriting with Frankie
- Make Frankie have his reading time
- Write a letter about the Inside the Designer's Studio Chat to send to stores
- DO Math with Frankie Nathan
- Start planning our Passover
- Clean computer desk
- Do my Day 2 Journal Entry
- Start working on some Element Packs
- Do my freebies for my chat tomorrow
- call and make dentist's appointments for all of us
- 100 other things lol!

Oh did you see Kim Hill's blog entry about making tarts? My question for all? So does the wax like slowly burn off then? And how long does one last? I just can't bring myself to think of spending money on them. But if I could make them myself and they were cost effective I just might think of joining the tart world. But knowing me probably not lol! Check out Kim's blog here" Kim's Blog

Well off to live my real life today. Got a neat book in the mail yesterday though that is motivating me. It is the Family's Guide to Biblical Holidays. It has everything from the stories, crafts, printables, detailed descriptions of what to do and why, crosswords, etc. etc. etc. for all the major Biblical holidays. I am excited about doing Passover this year. They have a fun 10 day thing leading up to it where you reenact all the plagues, etc. So I will hopefully actually do it and post here about the fun we are having when it starts next week.

I encourage everyone to go check out Rhonna's challenge. She is one inspiring lady! My entry for yesterday is in the post below :)


Blogger Amy said...

Great layout! The tart wax doesn't go away...but the scent does. Depending on how strong you make them they should last between 24-48 hours (I turn mine off after 3 hours, the house smells good and it saves the scent). There are websites that sell fragrance oil. Every scent you can imagine!

10:35 AM  
Anonymous Ashley said...

the whole thing just melts into the cup in a matter of about 10 minutes (okay, i'm guessing on the 10 minutes I haven't actually timed it) and it can be expensive if you are addicted to them. I personally haven't found a scent that I really really love yet. They are all way too strong for me so maybe making my own and being able to control the smell factor is a good idea. I get headaches from strong smells, so if you are that way, I wouldn't recommend them. :)

10:37 AM  
Anonymous Kim Hill said...

The wax melts, but it doesn't disappear. After about 30-40 hours of burning, you can add more scented oil to refresh the wax. Or, you can scrape the wax off and throw it away, then start fresh. I've been remelting the same tart for 3 days now and it still smells wonderful.

3:42 PM  
Anonymous Kim Hill said...

Oh and if you want to burn one scent today, and then a different scent tomorrow, just put the whole thing in the freezer for a little bit. The wax will then pop off and you can place it in a ziploc baggie for another day. Then you can burn a new scent.

3:43 PM  
Anonymous Lindsey in AL said...

I am just cracking up about your "new" old room! We have a computer/dining/school/pantry room here!! We have THREE computers in ours! I wish someone would come here and rearrange it so it feels huge!
BTW- your layout is incredible!! I got burned out on digi-scrapping after a few months. I love it but it is so time-consuming and there are just too many other things to do. Sewing is my hobby of choice and it does more than just entertain me, it covers our nakedness-hee! One of these days I will get some photo editing software for my new machine (an iMac!) and get back to it- maybe for my 3 year old's wedding :D
Lindsey in AL

7:22 PM  
Anonymous Lindsey in AL said...

An addition to my previous comment- I was talking about the Psalm 1 layout. Not that the one of your hubby isn't great. That tree is just amazing. The whole thing is really wowzer!

7:24 PM  

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