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Monday, August 29, 2005

This is the new kit I just finished! I have been a bit undecided about the name of it - boy I am bad at naming kits. But I really love when you finish a kit and are left adoring every paper, every element. I love love love this one. I have been really loving oversized alphas so this kit has another one - this a is shown full size on 12x12. I even scrapped a page with these papers that I didn't hate!!! I actually want to scrap with it again and I hate using kits twice. I have a really hard time scrapping with my stuff. But I used the papers and ended up loving this LO.

Hope to have the kits somewhere soon. Maybe I should dig in and go get my business license, etc, Ick!! Lol.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I am going crazy designing and designing and having my stuff just sitting on my puter, so... I bought some webspace. And I spent every waking moment for a week learning Dreamweaver, making a website, learning PHP for zen cart, customizing my zen cart, boy a lot in a week!! It is A LOT of work to build a site with a store and actually have it look good! And I am happy with it then my mom reminds me that I need a business license, fictitious name license, and tax ID number. ARGH!!! Part of me just hopes I can get in my dream store so I can not feel this crunch to run out and deal with all these crazy business things. I wish I had someone who did it all for me. i guess that's what the bigger stores are for. Hmm... but if it doesn't work out I will get my business license stuff and everything and start advertising my little hole on the internet. I am not gonna post the link yet even to look at cuz I put a couple things in the store and would hate for someone to actually buy them. i know I know I need to just go turn their availability off, I just haven't done it yet. So say a prayer for me that sometime I can get in THE store and won't have to deal with all this scrap. But i do love the look of my site, and will get it up and running. i commend anyone who does this on a big scale in the bigger stores. Boy! it's a lot of work
Here are the first few of the Placesetting collection. There are a couple more paper packs but no previews yet. These have been fu becuase they have me stepping a bit out of my box, which has really been nice. I went ahead and made the turning 8 one a kit instead of just a paper pack and elements pack, it just seemed like it was screaming kit to me. I can't wait to get all this stuff for sale somewhere. But it has been fun to feel really inspired and be creating fast and furious. I am constantly amazed by those designers that are just full speed all the time.

Chic and Shabby

Boy I have been making loads of paper packs. I was supposed to post some previews of the placesettings paper packs, but have put off making the previews. I made a number of packs, but haven't made previews. This is a different paper pack that I finally made some elements for. I have really had fun making necklaces, etc. Another soft pastel one here LOL. But I have made a few paper packs that are so different for me. I think anyone who actaully reads this will be pretty surprised by some of them. I actaully love this kit as well as the paper packs I made around the same time. I am starting on their elements tonight. I will try and keep up and actually post here a bit more often.

Thursday, August 11, 2005


well it's 1:30 and kinda early for me to be this tired, but I thought real quick I would say how really nice it is when I get comments from you nice people out there!! I never really think anyone reads this and I really just started what like a few weeks ago. So thanks for reminding me that I need to come post again. everytime I let any time pass I get an email comment reminding me to go back and post again. I really am just constantly amazed at the digiscrapping community. What was I doing before March??? How did I not have this in my life? I really am honored to be getting to know more and more people in this hobby, or is it obsession? Sometimes a little obsession can be a good thing. Better than sitting and watching TV all day. :)

Paper, paper and inspiration

So for a while now there are some AMAZING designers that have just been cranking out the paper packs. And as I designed stuff I couldn't believe they had such a passion for papers. I went through a period while I loved the papers I did I just wasn't thrilled with having to do them. I think really it was because I was learning so much in the way of making elements that it was my obsession of choice. Then it hit me..... The paper bug. I started making some papers and more papers and before long I had 50+ papers for a collection. I haven't named it but it is a rustic sort so something like my country home collection or something. Then today I was inspired. I have really been finding myself getting more inspired lately than ever before. I used to come up with an idea, etc and go with it. But it was an idea, not a true inspiration. But I have really been trying to open my mind and let that artistic part of me that has remained locked up since my painting days to come out. Where I see things or hear things that light me up. So today I was inspired for another paper pack. Hmm... should I discuss it before I come out with the paper pack? Well for the sake of talking about my inpiration why not?

So I was watching Oprah and they were doing beautiful placesettings and tables. As I looked at these gorgeous layers it hit me. These tables had layers - a more plain patterned tablecloth, a big patterned table runner, plain gorgeous linen napkins, Gorgeous decorated china, more delicate patterned dessert plates, and on and on. So I am working on a new collection. The placesetting collection. Each paper pack will have a more plain patterned "tablecloth" paper, a bigger patterned "runner" paper, some plain textured linen "napkins", a intricate patterned "china" paper, an even more delicately patterned "dessert plate" paper. And I am gonna do some "charger" papers with patterns around the edges to frame the other papers. And I haven't brainstormed all the element packs since I will finish the paper packs first, but maybe "silverware" where all the paper packs have metal elements, etc. Fun stuff! It feels good to work on something that you love and have passion for.

Kind of feels weird to tell my "secrets" LOL like they are secrets but I thought it might be fun to watch a process from the beginning. I have one pack done and another started so maybe I will post a preview of the first one tomorrow to follow this along.

And as I make more papers I find myself wanting to use them more and layer them more. Here is a LO I made from Kathy Moore at Digiscrapdivas Greet the Day kit.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Rebel or Yankee?

Just a quick note to say I got this link from another message board and really thought it was fun. Maybe I only liked it because I grew up in CA, lived in the South - LOVED IT!! , and moved back to CA. I miss the South so much that I guess I was tickled to take the quiz and not be the biggest Yankee ever LOL.

Take the Rebel or Yankee Quiz

My results: 61% (Dixie). Just under the Mason-Dixon Line

My hubby would be proud to hear it. The big Texan he is.

Monday, August 08, 2005

How to reply to comments

Hey all you bloggers, how do I reply to someone who has commented on my blog? I have gotten requests for kits and can't figure out how to get in touch with anyone. help!!!


Scrapping survey

This is a survey I saw over at Kathy Moore's blog.

Scrapbooking Style
Traditional paper based or Digital? Or Both (Biscraptual)?Digital
Other Mixed Media Arts?
Define Your Style in 5 or less wordsMostly simple but experimenting
Name your Scrapping HeroesUmm.. Well, I love Jen wilson becasue she is the epitome of my style, and Dawn because she can crank out so much amazing stuff at a rate that leaves me dumbfounded
Social Scrapping
2Peas or Not?NOT
One forum lover or spreader of your joy?One forum lover
Active Member, Moderator, or Lurker?Active Member
Do you Scrapblog?Yes
Do you Attend Crops, and if so - how regularly?Pretty much everyday
Do you Attend Scrapbooking Events and Retreats - if so, how regularly?no, I'm too poor, but would be going to the convention if I could afford it
Scrapbooking Objectives and Profile
Are you or would you like to be a Scrapbooking Designer?Yes, and am
Would you Like to Make Money from Scrapping?Most definitely
Is Scrapbooking a Career Objective - fulltime or parttime?probably works out to be a full time job with all the late nights, but not my primary job, that's mothering my littles
Do you scrap for yourself, your family or others?Our family
Is it about the legacy, the memory or the art?Both. Started with legacy and memory but has quickly moved into the art side as well. I have missed painting, etc so much that this has been wonderful
How Many Hours on average per week do you plan / actually do towards scrapbooking?Oh goodness, much more than I ever would be able to admit in writing
Average Monthly Budget for Scrapping Supplies?Umm well not much, but I do buy some scrap mags every month and a Dover cd now and then
How many scrapping magazines do you buy/subscribe to on average per month?3 maybe
How many Idea Books do you own?2 so far
A Bit About You
How many years have you been scrapping?Only since March of this year
Define your family and partnership statusMarried to my best friend, 2 wonderful children, I am truly blessed
Fultime worker, part-time worker, fultime at homefulltime at home
Just Some Fun
What do you think will be the next big product / trend in scrapping?More funky 60s, 70s patterns
What old product / trend would you like to see make a comeback?Hmm... Haven't been around long enough LOL
What's your favourite website to do with scrapping? (Only one!)www.scrapbook-bytes.com


Thursday, August 04, 2005

This is the 2 pager I did for the ebook chat tonight at SBB. I actually did a speed scrap I like! Except I think I want to change out one of the pics. But still, what cute freebies from Dawn huh? So cute!!! How she keeps cranking this stuff out I dunno? She rocks!!! Thanks for the inspiration guys. Also, I loved that they had people doing 2 pagers! As anyone who reads this knows, I love 2 pagers LOL. Maybe they will get more people excited for my 2 page chat I hope to do.

2 LOs

Here are 2 LOs I did last night. I was trying to mess around with the virtual photographer but boy I suck at it. I just do. And I hate that. I am a perfectionist. I expect to just be able to figure anything out. but no... This is hard. Designing a kit, Not hard, I love it. Making my pictures look good? No. Argh! but I do like the LOs. Not my faves, but sweet nonetheless

The White Space Collection

This is the 4 kits in a new collection I call the "White Space Collection". Each kit has an extra measure of white in the papers. The kits have enough fun elements to satisfy the scrapper who loves "stuff" and yet has papers to satisfy the most graphic scrapper.

This first one, while still unnamed is the Summery one. Boy I had fun with these colors. And the beads. Fun stuff!

I just LOVE this one. For some reason for someone with a tendency to go so soft and pastel, I just can't believe I had so much fun doing these colors. I love black. I just loved it in general. I can't wait to scrap with it.

This is the baby kit. I saw a Lo in a CK that had the softest colors ever and I just had to make a kit that had so much white that it would just show off the soft faces of the littlest sweethearts or a great black and white. This one had elements I love so much I will do again - stitched tags, silk flowers, mini tags, which I always love.

And lastly the boy kit. The boys are... kit. Staples and more staples. I LOVE staples. Boy I need to scrap some boy pics. The world needs more boy kits. I love these papers and really need to scrap with them.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

My own website

Hmm I think the time has come for me to get my own website. I mean firstly I have all these kits I am making and no where for them to be sold for now LOL. Secondly I just want to. Ha ha. I want to learn the workings of setting up a website, etc. And I personally as a customer like when designers have their own website where I can find their blogs, their new kits, their LOs and CT LOs. I just like seeing more about and hearing about what's new with designers. So maybe one day someone will care enough to look at my stuff. And again, it would be nice to have my stuff for sale somewhere! Of course if I could light a fire under Sabrina's tail to get her site up, I could throw my stuff in there. Sabrina, I know you're reading this- start the site!!! :) Part of me dreads it all because me and my extremely indecisive nature know that making the graphics, etc will be really hard for me to decide on. And on a side note, since Trish's blog is here in the background, I love these cute little girlie's from Dawn. How cute Trish's new hawt mama is! Dawn, you really are talented. So whenever I get paid from 3S, which should be sometime soon I am going to get a year's worth of website. Any good suggestions for a server? Hmm...

I have been scrapping a lot lately. Here are some of the recent additions. And of course, lots of 2 pagers. I just can't pull myself away from them. This is one I made using Kathy Moore's Farm Fresh girl you can find at digiscrapdivas Kathy has some really amazing and cute stuff there!! This kit was more my style than I think I could have made it! I knew the perfect picture for it the second I saw it. This little sweetheart and her little curls on the side. Honestly a day didn't go by that I didn't just melt seeing those curls.

This graphic one is another one using Kathy's great stuff. This is from the Greet the Day kit. Seems kinda off kilter since I don't have the line through the middle showing where the page is cut in half, but I loved it. I kept looking at these pics and nothing seemed right. They speak for themselves. Boy he is handsome. And how sweet he was to play along with Mom's photoshoot LOL!

I did this 2 pager last night for the ezine submission at SBB. I started it after midnight! I never was left feeling 100% satisified with the papers for the numbers and the vellum, but I decided to leave it and still think she is the funniest girl in the world do the LO makes me smile perfection or not.

And one last one with Kathy's stuff. This is from the ABCs of me kit. Boy have I searched through 100s of kits looking for the right papers to go with this picture but I just couldn't find the right fit. When I saw Kathy's kit, I knew I had finally found it! And I think it turned out great. What a silly two I have.